Develop Profitable Relationships

USACCON is dedicated to providing opportunities for our business owners to interact with each other as well as with leaders in the community and those of our African partner members. Every event that the USACCON hosts or is involved with has a networking aspect to it. We believe that it is important to develop relationships with like-minded business owners with the intention of helping each other succeed. This is one of the best ways to grow your business, even in this day and age of online technology. Nothing can replace an in-person interaction, the shaking of someone’s hand, etc.

USACCON provides the following types of events on an ongoing basis that are conducive to networking:

  1. Local business educational events for US members
  2. 3 networking virtual events
  3. An event hosting African diplomat in the US exposing them to export/import opportunities between US and Africa.
  4. Plan a trade mission to two African countries a year
  5. One event a year in Hollywood California

For more information about the next networking opportunity at the Chamber, go to our event calendar